The purpose of our Administration service is to ensure your website remains up to date. We take care of tasks like updating page content and links, addressing web page issues, and implementing website security measures including encryption.

Product Management & Variations

Save time and minimize effort by utilizing our easy-to-use interface to update products and seamlessly handle customer orders. We will create a product template, allowing products to be updated and added to your website easily.

Google Domains & Hosting

We use Google Domains to host our Domain Names. This is because Google promises a 99.9% Uptime on their servers, meaning you have the security of knowing your Website will have the smallest downtime possible.

Domain Name Hosting is your Domain or Business Brand's Web Address, for example "".

Google Workspace

We can use the previously mentioned Domain Name to create Custom Professional E-Mails such as "" using Google Workspace.

Your E-Mails will be stored using Google Workspace ensuring maximum security, you will also have access to all Google Services which come along with this, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, Slides and more for use of all of your Users.

Payment Processing

If you're planning on selling your products or services online, the chances are you'll need a way to accept payments from your clients. We are able to integrate the payment gateway(s) of your choice, wether that's Paypal, Stripe or another service provider.

Customer Logins

It's advisable to give your customers the option to create an account on your Website. It enables them to view their orders, subscriptions or downloads. It also provides a quicker way to checkout for future purchases.

Policy Creation

We will create and tailor any relating Policies for your Business' Website. Including Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you have any specific policies which need making such as Shipping, Returns or Subscriptions, we are able to do this.

Technical Support

Count on us for reliable technical support throughout your experience with our services. You can reach us through our E-mail or by WhatsApp with your support matter.

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