Case Study: Keshet Crystals

Keshet Crystals is a Metaphysical and Holistic Shop based in Petersfield.

They sell through their brick & mortar shop and now through their new online store.

How we helped Keshet Crystals

They manage 1000's of individual stock products through their e-commerce solution. Digital Meta was able to offer a custom e-Comerce solution to meet their requirements. They sell through their brick & mortar shop and now through their new online store.

The needed an effective e-commerce website with a quick turnaround and gave Digital Meta full control over the design. Digital Meta also provided support with SEO, Advertising and installing/integrating their POS system for their physical shop.

Custom Website Development & Consulting Strategy

This was a large development project, with a substantial amount of content supplied by Keshet Crystals. In total, we would develop over 90 pages on the new website, which included a full re-write and redesign of 11 pages and updating the layout of the remaining pages using their existing content. 

We had weekly consulting meetings to keep the project running smoothly. This began with content consulting. While going through the original content, the client decided what would stay and what would go.  Then we developed a clear site map that would meet the client’s needs. We paid particular attention to 10 top-level pages and critical interior pages, both in content consulting and design and development.

What Keshet Crystals Had to Say

Keshet Crystals
Tivka Ruby - Owner
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